Self Love Club Pilates Studio in Como, South Perth was created with YOU in mind.

Our founder Maddie, a Physiotherapist and Pilates Instructor, wanted to create a beautiful space to encourage you to develop more than just physical fitness. 

Maddie wants to inspire you to fall in love with the process of becoming the very best version of yourself. It is only when you address all aspects of life, body, mind and soul, that you will notice a change in your daily life and your health. 

When you fall in love with the process of bettering yourself, moving your body won’t be a chore. Our community of like minded people believe self-care is the new health care, and it is from this belief that Self Love Club was born!

We have experienced instructors and offer a range of Reformer, Aerial, Mat & Barre class types to suit all levels.

Whether you’re looking for a new love, or are in a long-term relationship with Pilates already, SLC is for you.

Located in the heart of Como, South Perth – 23 & 25 Murray Street, Como.

SLC Pilates Team

Pilates South Perth Instructor and studio owner Maddie Matthews teaches Reformer and Aerial Pilates

Maddie Azzopardi

Founder, Physiotherapist & Instructor

Maddie is a Physiotherapist and Polestar trained Pilates Instructor who opened Self Love Club Pilates Studio to spread her passion about the power of your self care routine. 
She strongly believes that having a daily routine that suits you, is important to cover not only your physical wellbeing, but mental and spiritual needs too.

Maddie’s daily self care routine includes: a form of movement (Pilates or weight training), a coffee, writing in her gratitude journal, and spending time with her husband, baby girl and fur babies.

Maddie wants you to fall in love with the process of becoming the very best version of yourself. It all starts with self love!

Pilates Instructor Lauren


Instructor – Reformer & Mat

Lauren was first introduced to Pilates in Melbourne in 2016 where she began attending reformer Pilates classes at a studio across the road from her workplace to compliment her gym resistance training – and she hasn’t looked back since!

Her passion for health and fitness grew from here and saw her complete a Cert iii & iv in Fitness, as well as certificates in Mat, Reformer and Antenatal Pilates.

Lauren now has 3+ years of Pilates instructing under her belt, and her absolute goal is to help her clients feel comfortable, proud of themselves, and to prove that Pilates really is for everyone!

Pilates South Perth Instructor Jody Burton has felt enormous benefits of Pilates

Jody Burton

InstructorReformer, Aerial & Mat

Jody has felt the enormous benefits of Pilates in her own body, and so she wanted to share these benefits with others, deciding to undertake Polestar Pilates training, qualifying in 2015 as a Matwork instructor and in 2018 with the higher-level Diploma in Polestar Pilates Studio and Rehabilitation.

Jody enjoys the experience of helping others attain their health and fitness goals through Pilates and Aerial. Jody loves to travel and (before Covid) used to often meet up with her adult daughter in far flung places for adventure holidays. She is an animal “tragic” and is rarely without a rescue dog sharing her life.

Pilates South Perth Instructor Velina Klyots started with Remedial Pilates in order for her to return to her competitive dancing.

Velina Klyots


Originally from Uzbekistan, Velina grew up to become a National Champion in Ballroom and Latin dancing. Coming to Australia, she continued in competitive dancing and became a dance teacher. A serious back injury brought her to Remedial Pilates, enabling her to return to competitive dancing. Having seen the benefits first-hand, she was inspired to learn more about Pilates as an Instructor so she can help others in the same way.

Pilates Instructor Sophie


Instructor – Reformer & Mat

Pilates and movement has always been a major part of Sophie’s life as she grew up a ballet dancer and trained full time for 4 years (in hopes to become a professional ballerina!). Covid unfortunately put a stop to those plans and she decided to start her instructor course through Polestar Pilates shortly after.

Sophie knew how much Pilates had benefitted her as an elite athlete and wanted to share it with as many of you as possible. Coming out of the ballet world, she is extra passionate about body positivity, strength and confidence and wants to help every single client feel their absolute best, mentally and physically, after leaving one of her classes. She is also commencing her studies in Nutrition this year to complement her current role in the health & wellbeing industry.

Sophie has now been teaching for 3 years and has never looked back! She can’t wait to continue meeting and sweating with you all.

Instructor Caitlin Hannam turned to Pilates after an injury.

Caitlin Hanham

Instructor – Reformer & Mat

Caitlin started her Pilates journey taking classes for conditioning whilst teaching Dance and fell in love with it. After an injury she turned to Pilates and then decided to undertake her Pilates teacher training, hoping to help others fall back in love with movement. Her favourite thing about Pilates is how you can lengthen and strengthen your body at the same time.

Instructor Lily Shuttleworth

Lily Shuttleworth

Instructor – Reformer & Aerial

Lily’s passion for Pilates stems from her strong background in dance and fitness. Lily studied as a full time dancer where she found her love for body conditioning, health and fitness. This has lead her to further her studies as a group fitness instructor/personal trainer and Pilates instructor. Lily brings her fitness knowledge and vivacious energy to every single class and can’t wait to meet all of the lovely members at SLC!

Pilates Instructor Amelia

Amelia linaker

Instructor – Reformer & Mat

Amelia discovered her love for Pilates when she was invited along to a class and felt the benefits in her body immediately. Amelia is studying Physiotherapy which ties in well with her Pilates knowledge. She has always been fascinated by the human body and is passionate about learning how the body works. Her favourite thing about Pilates is how you can target a specific muscle and the exercise will feel “easy” but you definitely feel it the next day! She is also always down for a chat and loves being part of the SLC fam!

Nidhi Sanghrajka

Physiotherapist & Instructor

Physiotherapist by profession, Pilates and Yoga instructor by passion! Nidhi’s passion for Pilates has evolved over more than 5 years with her personal practice.

Combining the principles of Pilates with her Physiotherapy background has allowed Nidhi to explore a new multifaceted and a holistic dimension to movement and its undeniable benefits.

Shannelle Roos

Instructor – Reformer

Shannelle originally started her Pilates journey for the physical benefits however it was the positive impact on her mental wellbeing that inspired her to undertake her instructor training with STOTT. She’ll be guiding you through stretch and meditation classes, using Pilates techniques to help her clients relax and center themselves.

Shannelle has developed a unique teaching style that is both challenging and nurturing. She loves her job and looks forward to creating a supportive and inclusive class environment at the SLC studios.


Instructor – Aerial & Mat

For the past nine years, Angelika has been devotedly practising yoga and pilates, finding relief, balance, and strength on her mat. Being on the mat became her sanctuary, providing a space for self-reflection, mindfulness, and personal growth.

With her knowledge and desire to share the transformative power of being on the mat, she began teaching three years ago. Driven by her love of moving and flowing her body it was inevitable for her to elevate her practice into the air and expand into the aerial realm.

Outside of the studio, Angelika contributes to the development and improvement of the urban environment. You can catch her outside the studio around Perth with her white fluff ball, Cinnamon!


Instructor – Reformer

Alinta’s journey into health and fitness began with a yoga obsession, however it was the introduction to Pilates that sparked a profound change in her body. This fuelled her decision to pursue Pilates teacher training in 2016, undertaking Reformer Teacher Training with Polestar Asia during her time living in the Philippines. 

Beyond the reformer, Alinta’s life is a vibrant mix of global exploration and cinematic creativity. Armed with a Bachelor of Film & TV and an Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts, her background includes movement training in the Alexander Technique, Suzuki Method, Iyengar Yoga, and diverse dance and movement styles. 

As a teacher, Alinta brings a dynamic and enjoyable approach to her classes, infusing them with both challenge and focus on alignment and technique. She loves working with clients to achieve positive transformations in their bodies, helping them to reach their personal fitness goals.

Ready to fall in love with SLC Pilates in como?

Situated in Como, South Perth, we offer four different types of Pilates including Reformer, Aerial, Mat & Barre. But we are more than just a Pilates studio. We are a community that prioritise physical, spiritual and mental wellbeing. We believe self care is the new health care.

Check out the stories above from our team members. Everyone has a different story to tell and we would love to hear your story too! Life is full of choices and it can be tough to decide which path to take. Especially when you don’t know what the outcome will be. But that’s where we come in. Here at SLC, we want to take you on a journey and help you conquer your self love routine.

Feel free to send us a message here if you have any questions. You’re not alone on this journey. We are always here to help you in whatever stage of your life you are in. If you like what you’re reading, don’t hesitate to book with us now. We would love to welcome you to SLC!

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